"Give Me Just A Few Minutes And I'll Show You How You Can Completely Cure Your Shoulder Pain For Good - No Surgery, No Gadgets, No Nonsense!"

Dear fellow shoulder pain sufferer,

Just like you, I injured my shoulder. After months of almost unbearable pain, I eventually stumbled across a solution that can stop shoulder pain for good, and now I'm back to normal life, pain free. Here's how it all happened...

It was a normal Tuesday, and I was working out at the gym. Everything was going fine, but then suddenly I felt what can only be described as a "twang" in the back of my left shoulder.

Over the next few days, I developed a constant, nagging, sharp ache. I couldn't even sit properly without it bothering me. I couldn't get comfortable in bed, I couldn't lift my arm overhead, I couldn't carry shopping bags... basically, I couldn't do everything I normally do.

My doctor diagnosed me with a minor strain, and prescribed rest with anti-inflammatory medication, and sent me home.

Fast forward four weeks, and nothing had changed - I was still in a lot of pain, with poor mobility and no sign of any solution!

But that's all changed now.

Now, I Can Happily Wave My Arms Around Above My Head With NO PAIN Whatsoever!

So how did I do it?

For weeks, I spent hours every day digging through medical and sports literature, talking to medical experts, professional athletes and anyone I could find that had any experience of shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, all the while struggling through day to day life with a painful and irritating shoulder.

To my surprise, I learned that healing a shoulder injury is actually easy to do, by yourself, at home.

You don't need any special equipment, and in most cases you can completely avoid surgery. All it takes is a special set of stretches and exercises to target the source of your pain, performed in the correct order, and you can quickly and easily unlock a pain-free shoulder!

You see, if you can combat the source of the pain, the pain itself will naturally disappear. The pain only exists as a symptom of an internal problem, and if that problem is addressed through these simple techniques, your symptoms and your pain will vanish!

Once I had discovered enough about my condition and how to go about fixing it, I created my own comprehensive rehabilitation program, taking on the advice of dozens of health professionals, experienced strength training athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The program was amazing, with almost instant effects.

I Regained Strength, Mobility And Flexbility In My Shoulder And Arm. It Felt GREAT!

Best of all, the pain disappeared.

It was incredible! I went from being almost crippled in pain and with a completely useless shoulder, to waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, well slept and ready for another day. I started using my arm again, carrying shopping and reaching high shelves without any trouble.

I couldn't believe it was this easy to do, and it only took me a few minutes each day. Because I had created the ultimate rehabilitation routine, success was virtually guaranteed.

As the days passed and my home rehabilitation sessions progressed, I began to think about what might happen after I was finished with the rehab.

Maybe I could go swimming, or play tennis, or go back to training in the gym. Perhaps I could go back to playing baseball, or maybe even something like rock climbing. In short, I could go back to normal, just like I was before the pain started.

What would you do first if your shoulder stoped hurting right now?

In Only A Few Weeks, I Completely Healed My Shoulder Injury - All The Pain Was Gone!

My shoulders are now pain free, stable, flexible and better than ever because of these techniques.

All thanks to a few simple stretches, exercises and easy treatments that anyone can do at home in just a few minutes.

Shortly after all this happened, one of my buddies got in touch. He's a pitcher for a local baseball team, and he had some pain in his shoulder after a paricularly heavy training session.

He told me he hadn't warmed up properly before training, had thrown a few awkward pitches and now had a sharp, painful stinging sensation in his shoulder which wouldn't go away. He wanted some advice on what to do.

I gave him a few tips, described some of the stretches and exercises I'd learned, and laid out a simple, step by step rehab program to follow for the next 4 weeks, just like I had done previously.

The next month, he gave me a call. His shoulder had healed completely, was 100% pain free, supple and he was back to pitching his best.

His recovery (and mine!) was all thanks to the simple techniques I'd learned about a few weeks earlier.

Once people began to hear about his recovery, they started to get in touch to ask for my advice on their own injuries. At first I answered all the questions individually, creating custom step-by-step rehab programs for them, but it quickly became far too time consuming.

Instead, I decided I could help more people by creating a guide which was comprehensive enough to cover pain relief for all sorts of shoulder injuries, including:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears And Strains
  • Tendonitis (Sometimes Known As Tendinitis)
  • Muscle Strains, Tears and Imbalances
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Bursitis, And Pain Related To Adhesive Capsulitis
  • General Mobility, Flexibility And Range Of Motion Problems
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • General Loss Of Shoulder Strength

The book has one major objective above all others:

PAIN RELIEF - First and foremost, it will help completely eliminate any pain you are experiencing in your shoulder. As you know, and as I know from personal experience, the pain is the worst part about a shoulder injury, and can seriously affect your lifestyle and mood if left untreated.

So the most important thing, and the main focus of the book, is stopping the pain through basic home treatments, simple stretching and exercising to stimulate the healing process and regain flexibility, mobility and strength in the shoulder.

A secondary goal, which is important only after you've stopped the pain that's bothering you now, is INJURY PREVENTION - through simple techniques designed to strengthen and protect the shoulder. This isn't about bodybuilding, it's about building core strength and conditioning your shoulder so it can cope with day to day activities and sports with ease.

While I was writing this book, I contacted many of the experts I had previously consulted with to get them to help and contribute, and compiled everything into a step by step guide, in simple terms that ANYONE can use.

This Is The Culmination Of Hundreds Of Hours Of Research, And The Expertise Of Dozens Of Medical And Sports Professionals

If you've suffered a minor shoulder injury, whether that's a rotator cuff strain, rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, impingement, bursitis, freezing or frozen shoulder or general muscular pain in the shoulder, then 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' can help you treat and stop your pain.

All you've got to do is open it, read it, and put it into practice by following the step-by-step process that I developed and which has been tested and proven successful over and over.

Here's what's actually in the book itself:

The primary goal of the book is to relieve your pain as fast as possible. These three modules are dedicated to doing just that, with simple techniques that take only a few minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Module 1: Diagnosis + Treatments - Before you start any pain relieving techniques, you have to be able to choose the right ones. Knowing what your injury is will dictacte what approach you take through the next two modules, so this is where we start.

Covering types of injury, simple tests to diagnose different conditions, and basic treatments you can apply immediately to begin reducing pain, this module will set you on the short road to recovery.

  • Find out how you can stop your injury progressing into anything more serious by acting quickly
  • Learn about your condition and your options to give you the maximum power to beat the pain
  • Discover the most effective techniques for your particular condition to make your recovery as fast as possible

Module 2: Stretches - Stretches improve mobility, flexibility and loosen your muscles and tendons. This is great if you've lost range of motion or become stiff, as your shoulder will begin to soften up and get back to normal - without pain.

Stretching also stimulates the muscles with blood to begin the healing process. Reducing stiffness and tension can reduce aches and pains, and warms you up ready for some recovery exercises in the next module.

  • Feel loose and free again. Stop worrying about carrying your arm carefully - swing it over your head if you like!
  • Reduce pain and stiffness and get back into regular activities like sports, athletics or even something as simple as throwing a ball with a friend
  • Reach across, up, down or even behind you without any twinges, stinging pains or creaking, cracking or popping joints

Module 3: Exercises - Most importantly, we cover a huge range and variety of recovery and rehabilition physiotherapy exercises for all types of injury, and all levels of mobility and pain relief. All of these exercises are easy to do and require no special equipment.

By performing these exercises, you are directly recovering and strengthening any damaged tissue in your shoulder, thereby resolving pain so you're back to normal in no time.

The book also covers anatomy in great detail, general tips for avoiding injury in the future, full step-by-step rehab routines, and much MUCH more.

All the stretches and exercises are full described, with over 50 full colour photographs to illustrate the movements properly.

Here's a quick preview of some of the things you'll learn inside:

  • Detailed anatomy of the shoulder, how everything fits together and how that affects your injury and your pain, and why that means you can treat it faster than ever
  • The most common causes of shoulder injury, and how to avoid them in future so you STAY pain free
  • How to recognise classic injury symptoms so you can catch a problem before it fully develops, and self-diagnose your injury so you can heal it in super fast time
  • How to adjust your strength training to avoid common gym mistakes that 99% of people make
  • How to properly and fully prepare your shoulder ready for all types of exercise, important for maintaining healthy joints
  • Which popular gym exercises are most likely to give you an injury, and why, and what you can do about it
  • Exactly how much weight you should use to rehabiliate your shoulder, and why it's absolutely vital that you use that amount
  • How to target each of the shoulder's inner muscles individually, and heal them one by one for a completely pain free joint in every direction
  • Detailed descriptions of 9 different shoulder injuries and conditions and how to heal them, including rotator cuff strains and tears, tendonitis, bursitis, impingement and more.
  • 7 highly effective, safe, tried and tested treatments for shoulder injuries and eliminating shoulder pain
  • 12 fully explained and described stretches for flexibility and pain relief, with full colour photos
  • 15 fully explained strength exercises for shoulder stability, strength and pain relief, with full colour photos
  • How a broomstick could be the secret to strengthening your shoulders and protect against future risk of injury
  • Exactly what you need to do to get over your shoulder pain and back to normal - these routines take a few minutes each day, and are simple to do
  • What it feels like to look back and say, 'I used to have shoulder pain, but I don't any more. Now, I feel great!'

In a nutshell, 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' is:

A simple, step-by-step program for rehabilitating your injury at home, 100% guaranteed to eliminate your shoulder pain for good.

Click here to order your copy now

If you're sick and tired of suffering with:

  • Pain In The Shoulder
  • Pain In The Rotator Cuff
  • Loss Of Strength
  • Poor Flexibility And Range Of Motion
  • Difficulty Getting Comfortable
  • Difficulty Sleeping At Night
  • Inability To Reach High Objects
  • Awkward Posture
  • Being Unable To Carry Shopping
  • Having To Put Your Life On Hold Because Of Your Shoulder...

You don't have to worry any more - your suffering stops today! As soon as you download the 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' guide, you can put it into practice in a few minutes in your own home, and leap out of the pain and back into normality.

Now is your chance to take control of the situation and your injury, and do something about it. In as little as a few days you can feel dramatic improvements, with most symptoms disappearing in as little as 4 weeks.

Imagine it - a few simple stretches and exercises which take a few minutes each day, and you can feel supple and pain free in no time. It's easy to do, and fun too. Knowing that every time you do it, you'll feel a little less pain the next day is exhilerating and incredibly empowering.

These Simple Techniques Are Fully Medically Approved And Doctor Recommended!

'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' is officially doctor recommended. I saught out a professional Orthopaedic Doctor to read through the guide and make sure the contents were safe, accurate and up to date with the latest techniques being practised in medicine and physiotherapy.

After thoroughly reviewing the material in the book, Dr Goddard gave it a stamp of approval and officially endorsed it for use with minor shoulder injuries (note, the word "minor" is used because obviously if you require surgery, you can't perform that yourself!).

Doctor Recommended!

"The author presents the reader with his compelling first-person narrative through shoulder injury and rehabilitation."

"Developing a well thought-out and researched rehabilitation protocol, ... the author devised a comprehensive program that is easy to reproduce."

"By explaining the anatomy of the shoulder joint, the mechanisms of possible injury and his rationale for choosing specific treatments and exercises, the reader is provided with a manual to direct their particular recovery program."

"I would recommend this book for anyone who
needs a guide to recover from a minor shoulder injury.

-- Dr M. Goddard, MD.
Baltimore, USA
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Dr Goddard is a fully qualifed medical doctor with years of experience, specialising in Orthopaedic Surgery.

The information you're receiving is up to date, accurate, and safe. The advice you're getting is the same advice that the professionals give to their high paying personal clients - order yours now for a fraction of the cost (Physical therapists charge anywhere up to $100 per hour!).

The shoulder is actually relatively simple to recover, because the right stretches, exercises and strengthening techniques performed in the correct order have an incredible positive impact on the muscles and tendons in your shoulder.

The key to a successful recovery is knowing which stretches and exercises to perform, what each one does, why it's beneficial, which muscles it targets and in what order you should perform these exercises.

But there are so many variables that must be controlled, and it's so easy to get it wrong. Not any more...

You're about to get the complete set of stretches, exercises and strengthening techniques that I personally used to heal my own shoulder pain successfully in just a few weeks - so no more guesswork!

Plus, not only can the 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' guide fully resolve any injury you might already have now, but it is a lifelong approach to future shoulder strength. Once you've read this book, you're setting yourself up to be injury free for the rest of your life.

So, the only question I have for you now, is:

      Do you want to heal your shoulder?

      Do you want to stop the pain?

      Do you want to get back to normal?

Of course you do! And now, you can.

This is the ONLY guide you'll ever need, and you can get started as soon as you download it.

What's more, this guide will be useful for the rest of your active and sporting life. The information will never go out of date because our shoulder anatomy isn't going to change in the next 100 years!

Order Now - ON SALE For A Limited Time

I am currently in talks with a publisher to have 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' printed and bound into a physical set of books that I can ship to your door. When that happens, to cover materials costs, printing and production costs, stock storage and shipping costs, the final price will be somewhere in the region of $100-200.

However, a lot of people have expressed a desire to get their hands on the information quickly, so I have decided to release a "digital" version of the product immediately, at a much lower cost (there's no printing, no materials, no warehouse and no shipping to pay for!).

The 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' eBook is available today for a one time fee of $39.95.

Once the physical book is available, I'll update this page and remove the "digital package" offer, so the price will go up to at least $100.

Purchase your copy of the ultimate shoulder rehabilitation guide below to lock in the sale price, and receive immediate download access wherever you are in the world, even if it's 2am in the morning.

Order now and lock in the $39.95 price

I am hugely confident you'll enjoy 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE', and ultimately resolve your shoulder pain and get back to normal. But, just in case you change your mind about your purchase, we have a full money-back guarantee.

View full guarantee statement (opens in a new window).

At any time during the next 60 days you can simply email for a refund and we'll return 100% of your money immediately, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose - get the guide now, try out the techniques and see how they work for you. If, after 60 days you haven't experienced any improvements in your levels of pain, just email me and I'll be happy to refund your entire purchase.

* A Special Time Limited Offer... *

During the course of researching and writing this book, and getting feedback from friends and relatives, I produced a ton of extra material on shoulder pain and shoulder injuries that I couldn't put into the final edition or it would end up being too long!

But, as a special offer when you purchase today, you can get all that additional material which I've packaged into the bonuses below. Plus, there's an extra special bonus that is only available for a limited time...

Bonus 1: Expert Interviews

These expert interviews give a frank and personal account of several injuries and their recoveries, providing valuable insight into how to combat your own shoulder pain.

Interview 1: Tendonitis + Bone Spur - a hobbyist weight lifter and body builder suffered from tendonitis and a bone spur which required surgery and post-surgical rehab to recover.

Interview 2: Rotator Cuff Tear - a 64 year old male fitness enthusiast tore his rotator cuff during a bench press, after feeling a light "pop" in his shoulder. After a short course of rehab, his shoulder is now fully recovered.

Interview 3: Shoulder Impingement - a 37 year old female swimmer and triathlon competitor unfortunately developed an impingement in her shoulder. She followed a course of massage and physiotherapy and recovered in time for a major event.

Interview 4: Broken Clavicle - a sports enthusiast and Iron Man triathlete injured his collar bone in a sporting accident, and subsequently required shoulder rehab to regain full range of motion and strength.

Value $39.95. Your price: FREE!

Bonus 2: Online Resources

During my recovery, I spent countless hours trawling through the depths of the internet looking for useful tips and tricks, experts and authoritative knowledge bases of information.

This list of more than 50 items is what I came up with. Including videos, images, articles, websites and more, you can find everything from shoulder massage videos, entire sets of shoulder rehabilitation exercise videos, websites dedicated to shoulders, all the way to articles about home rehab.

You'll be able to answer literally any question you have with these resources.

Value $19.95. Your price: FREE!

Bonus 3: Insider Transcript

This is a transcript of an interview I did about 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE'. In it I answer some pretty in-depth questions about the shoulder, the rotator cuff and shoulder injuries in general.

The interview covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • The most common shoulder injuries
  • Why the shoulder is so prone to injury
  • Whether or not dumbbells are safer than machines
  • What you should do if your injury is slow to heal
  • How to tell when you are ready to get back to regular activity
  • What types of exercise you can do with an injury
  • What sort of modifications you should make to your training after an injury
  • And more!

Value $39.95. Your price: FREE!

* Extra Special Bonus: Personal Consultation *

Because this is a new book, I want to be make sure it contains absolutely everything it needs to help as many people as possible. I also want to see it working for myself, firsthand, with you and your problems.

When you order today, I'll make myself available to you via email to answer your questions about your pain, and make specific recommendations about your personal circumstances. I'll give you my time and expertise for free, to help you get over your pain as fast as possible, and I'll stick with you until you're back to normal.

You're not just getting a step by step guide, and all the background material in the bonuses, you're also getting advice and tips from someone who's been in your situation, and come out the other side.

I know what it's like to suffer from shoulder pain, and I want to help you get over yours. That's why I wrote this book, and that's why I'm offering this bonus. BUT.. obviously I can't offer this service as a free bonus forever (there just aren't enough hours in the day!), so I will be taking this bonus down in the near future.

Don't wait for that to happen and miss out. Order your copy now, and I guarantee that you'll get my undivided attention and help whenever you need it.

Value $500+. Your price: FREE!

Right now, you have two choices.

1. The first is easy to do, but will hurt you more in the long run - do nothing, continue struggling day to day with your pain, and hope that it will magically go away (it won't, and in some cases it may even become permanent).

2. The second make much more sense - purchase 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE', read it and start rehabilitating your shoulder in a few minutes time. In as little as 4 weeks, you could be 100% pain free and back to normal!

I'm sure you'll agree that only one of these choices makes sense, and that is to take your injury by the scruff of the neck and start treating it.

Become Pain-Free, Starting Today!

Instant Download, Even If It's 2am!

Yes! I want to take control of my injury, start the rehabilitation process and become pain-free in 6 weeks or less.

Don't live another day with a painful shoulder. Download the step-by-step instructions and get started today.

$39.95 For A Limited Time!

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Do me a favour. Put your hand on your shoulder where it hurts. Now try moving your arm around so you can feel the pain. Now close your eyes, and imagine for a second that all that pain has gone away, and that you can freely swing your arm around above your head.

Feels good doesn't it?

This is what you've been looking for. This is the solution to your shoulder pain. This is the ONLY solution you'll ever need. You can feel good again, and you can start feeling good in just a few minutes. Order your copy of 'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' now, by clicking the big yellow 'Add To Cart' button above.

All the best,

Joe Brent
Shoulder Pain Expert
Creator, ShoulderPainNoMore.com

P.S. Your shoulder doesn't have to hurt. It doesn't have to cause you pain and grief. It CAN be fixed, and you can start today. The techiques you can learn in my book are medically recommended, and proven to relieve pain in shoulder injuries. They're exactly what you're looking for to stop your pain and get you back to normal again. Order now.

P.P.S. Take advantage of our current limited special offer - better than half price AND you will also receive the four bonuses at no extra cost, including a one-on-one personal consultation and 24/7 access to my via email until your pain is completely gone. Remember everything is instantly downloadable once your purchase is complete.

P.P.P.S. Don't forget we have a full, "no questions asked" money back guarantee in case you change your mind, and shopping with us is completely secure (read about secure shopping), so there's zero risk to you. There's nothing else to do now except place your order, download the books and relieve your pain!

"Wow! I am glad to have found this book. It is a wonderful resource for me to give to my clients who are battling shoulder pain. Not only does it provide stretches and exercises, it also covers supplements and common injuries."

"A nice tool for injury prevention and injury recovery. This should be used by people taking on their pain by themselves, and should be shared with by patients with their Doctors and Physical Therapist."

"My goal is always client education and injury prevention. This book takes care of those things. I would recommend this to all my clients who are, or who may be battling, shoulder pain."

Manny Escalante, Jr. MA, ATC, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer).
California, USA

'Shoulder Pain NO MORE' is very detailed and really gives you the techniques you need to sort out your own shoulder issues and a lot more info such as preventing further injuries. If you have a shoulder keeping you awake at night you'll know it's no laughing matter.

I wish I had this 2 years ago when I damaged my rotator cuff while showing off!

Alan Carr
Author of the Biggly Body Plan and Biggly Diet Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this program work for men and women?
A. Absolutely. This program was designed for everyone - both men and women of all ages. It doesn't matter if you've got years of experience in a gym, or whether you've never lifted up a weight in your life. This program is for anyone who's hurt their shoulder, period.

Q. Do I have to buy anything else?
A. No. The techniques described can be done without any special equipment. You will need a light weight for some of them, but if you don't have any weights at home (you can pick up a cheap homem weight set cheaply at most fitness shops), you can use a bag of sugar instead.

Q. How can I be sure that it really works?
A. Well, until you've tried it, you can't. All you have is my word that it works as I've described it, and the recommendation of an Orthopedic doctor with years of experience, and a certified personal trainer with years more experience. Plus, we've got a full, "no questions asked" money back guarantee, so if it turns out the program isn't for you, you can email us for a full refund at any point within 60 days of your purchase.

With that said, I am confident that the techniques in the book are well researched, well described and the book itself contains solid information which WILL benefit you and your shoulder pain. You have nothing to lose by trying it out, so why not give it a go?

Q. Will it work for my 'XXX' injury?
A. The program is designed for minor shoulder injuries. If you require surgery, obviously I can't help you with that. For pretty much anything else though, including rotator cuff strains and minor tears, impingement, imbalances and poor posture, general muscles strains, bursitis, capsulitis and frozen shoulder, the book can provide help and pain relief.

Q. I've had my injury for a long time... Should I still get the book?
A. Definitely. You're just as likely to benefit from the techniques as someone who injured their shoulder yesterday. Your pain is caused by the same reasons now as it was when it first started, and so the techniques I teach are completely relevant and effective.

Q. My shoulder cracks and pops when I move, but doesn't actually hurt. Do I still need the book?
A. Noises from the shoulder are fairly common, and can be a sign of a weak or weakening shoulder joint. If it doesn't hurt now, it may do in the future. The techniques I teach can strengthen your shoulder and reduce cracks and pops, as well as reducing the risk of pain in the future.

Q. I don't want a digital version, can I wait for the full priced physical package?
A. Sure. However, I'm not sure when that will be available, and when it does become available it will certainly be at least twice the price of the digital-only package. Meanwhile, your shoulder will continue to hurt and ruin your day to day life. You can get the digital version immediately after your payment is completed, and print it out on your home computer if you prefer to read on paper.

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